Sharing is Caring, But is it Safe?

Sharing is Caring, But is it Safe?

The boom of mobile applications—whether it is for ride sharing or couch surfing—has superseded traditional services and revolutionized convenience, as we know it. This is especially prevalent in the Asia Pacific, home to over half of the world’s mobile subscribers. Asia is also leading the charge in mobile app revenue, with the figure expected to increase to $57.5bn by 2020.

Replacing traditional with unconventional

A dynamic playground for mobile apps, the sharing economy has nestled itself into almost every corner in the region—and it makes no differentiation, be it an emerging market such as Indonesia, or an established economy such as Singapore.

The underlying danger of DDoS

These success stories are a testament to the prowess of the sharing economy, which is quickly gaining traction across the region due to the speed and convenience it delivers. However, our increasing reliance on apps might also lead to our downfall. Consumers willingly offer personal information to shave off precious minutes of waiting. This is great until they realize that the sharing economy also means an entire ecosystem of authenticated devices and data that are interconnected—a treasure trove for cyber criminals.

The key to keeping safe

Convenience is the biggest motivator in an increasingly impatient world. It is worrying that users of sharing apps surrender their credit card information and passwords too readily. Now more than ever, businesses need to strengthen their stance against DDoS. It may seem to be a daunting task; however, a practical first step could be to cultivate a culture of awareness.

With the right mindset comes the right steps to security. Enterprises should bear in mind that security monitoring and observations are imperative. From prioritizing what needs protection to ensure your IT programme timely and effectively identifies security breaches, every step counts towards a safer future for a business.

Lastly, enterprises should adopt a cybersecurity infrastructure that creates on-going conversations across all business units and functions. This will ensure a varied and multi-faceted opinion in identifying critical vulnerabilities in security and building towards a more robust security strategy in an enterprise. Simple yet effective, these measures could save you a trip to the emergency room and help keep sharing safely.