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Codeigniter is an open source PHP framework that is based on the Model-View-Controller pattern. It can be used to build stable, reliable, flexible, and extensive websites and web applications. Codeigniter can provide an enhanced user experience. There are many users for Codeigniter which makes it a better choice for the developers.

Codeigniter offered the rich set of libraries that helps to develop faster applications. Codeigniter provided easy configuration, free coupling, code reusability, ease of programming, Built-in security tools and some of the many other features.

At Equal Infotech, we committed to providing extensive and secure websites using CodeIgniter framework.

Our Codeigniter development services include:

  • Codeigniter Web Development
  • Codeigniter Aapplication Development
  • Codeigniter E-commerce Aapplication Development
  • Codeigniter Custom Development
  • CodeIgniter QA & Testing
  • CodeIgniter Maintenance & Support