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Robotic process automation solutions are designed to enhance the productivity, increase accuracy, and facilitate your organization grow by handing repetitive and mundane tasks.

Going from easy, back-office task automation to scaled automation to handle complex business processes are often a challenge.

The EI Robotic process Automation helps you to automate more business and IT processes at scale with the convenience and speed of traditional RPA.

Business Process Automation

Excel Automation

Back Office Automation

Finance & Accounting Business

  • Invoice process
  • Accounts collectible and assets
  • Reporting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Fixed Assets Analysis
  • Master knowledge Management
  • Vendor and client
  • Account Creation

Retail Business

  • Automatically change on-line Inventory & Product data
  • Importing web site Orders and email sales groups
  • Backend Systems

Health Care Business

  • Patient knowledge Migration and process
  • Reporting for Doctors
  • Medical Bill process
  • Patient Record Storage

Insurance Business

  • Claims process
  • New Account Creation
  • Processing and Administration, Report Automation, change User data, judgment method, Billing, health care request

Network & IT Business

Active Directory, File Systems, FTP Management, machine-driven Installations, Server / Application, observance and Alert Management, Service table Management, Notification & increase, knowledge Movement, Provisioning, Config Management, Routine Maintenance

Sales & Promoting Business

Open your eyes to a lot of opportunities as virtual employees manage your sales and promoting processes. whether or not it's analyzing your knowledge or supporting you with admin, come through a lot of with automation.